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Madeira Island


The Madeira Archipelago, discovered by the Portuguese in 1418, is made up of the islands of Madeira, Porto Santo and the uninhabited islands of Selvagens and Desertas. Some say it may have been discovered long before.


The island of Madeira has a surface area of 741 km2.
These islands, because of their privileged geographical position and mountainous relief, have a surprisingly mild climate.
Very mild average temperatures, 25ºC  in the summer and 17ºC  in the winter, and a moderate level of humidity, confer upon these islands exceptional subtropical features. 
The seawater temperature is also very mild, because of the influence of the warm Gulf current, presenting averages of 22ºC in the summer and 18º in the winter.


The municipality of Funchal consists of ten parishes.
It's one of the region's oldest municipalities and Funchal became a city in 1508 by Royal Charter under D. Manuel I, and has always done well due to its strong economic, social and cultural potential.  
The city of Funchal has many leisure activities on offer, you can visit the magnificent monuments, museums and gardens, shops, explore it's pretty Portuguese-style cobbled streets or simply have a pleasant time sitting on a terrace.
Don't miss the chance to visit the city's old town, a picturesque historic centre that's lively and full of colour. There, along with the various traditional bars and restaurants, you'll find the "Open Arts Trail" project.

The wonderful climate of busy city and at the same time a peaceful resort make stay in its center a fabulous experience . We have created great conditions for you at Rua da Carreira to explore and enjoy this unique moments.

Have a great stay with us.